Thursday, August 04, 2011

Stock markets all over the world going down drastically loosing all support levels

In the last few hours share markets all over the world are going down at alarming pace on account of apprehensions about health of major economies such as the US, European economies. Investors are worried that these economies are going back to a recession again, or at least there is a slow down on the recovery process.

Major markets lost as high as 5% on a single day! The latest index levels of major markets are as following:

Nasdaq at 2,556.39, down by 5.08% (on 04-August-2011 close)
Dow Jones (Dow) at 11,383.68, down by 4.3% (on 04-August-2011 close)
FTSE at 5,393.14, down by 3.43% (on 04-August-2011 close)
DAX at 6,414.76, down by 3.40% (on 04-August-2011 close)
Shanghai     at 2,633.52, down by 1.88%) (at 11:30AM CST on 05-August-2011)
Nikkei at 9,309.05, down by 3.62% (at 1:12PM JST on 05-August-2011)
Hang Seng at 20,844.59, down by 4.75% (at 12:25PM HKT on 05-August-2011)
BSE SENSEX at  17,270.21, down by 2.38% (at 10:15AM IST on 05-August-2011)
NIFTY at  5,200.20, down by 2.47% (at 10:15AM IST on 05-August-2011)

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