Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gmail: A Behind the Scenes Video - Final Video Released

The final video of Gmail's collaborative video campaign is out.

It depicts how an email message travels around the world in a creative way. The video clip features a red Gmail M-velope.

They have selected the final video clips from the numerous creative clips they have received from Gmail users around the world and it seems they had a tough time selecting clips for the final video!

Watch the final collaborative video here >>>

You can also check out all of the submissions on YouTube, and read more about it on the Official Gmail Blog.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Result of Orkut's India Independence Day Poll

The result of Orkut's India Independence Day poll is out now. The poll received votes from more than 15,000 Orkut users.


Ex Indian President Abdul Kalam has been voted as the most inspiring Indian. Most of the users selected 'themselves' as their favorite global Indian. Hindi movie 'Sholay' been selected as the most popular movie. Majority of users believes that Poverty should be the most important focus area during the next 10 years, hope that India will have permanent UN Security Council seat by 2010. Also majority found that India is synonymous with a Global IT Center.

Read it here >>>


Orkut Scrapping Updated

Now you can use HTML codes in Orkut scraps, but restricted to scraps meant for friends. 'Scraps to everyone' remains the same.

You can now paste in photos, videos, audio, and flash widgets in scraps to your friends.

Here's how:

1) To add images

Copy and paste urls ending in .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp and the image will appear in the scrap. For example,

2) To add videos from YouTube and Google Video

Copy and paste the url and the video will appear in the scrap.
For example,

3) To add podcast/audio

Copy and paste the url of an audio file and an audio player will appear in the scrap.
For example,

4) To add html-embeddable objects

Create or upload your content at sites such as,, or Copy and paste the html embed code to share it with your friends.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Orkut Celebrates Indian Independence Day with Special Logo -the major social networking community website has changed its logo, specially for India on the eve of Indian Independence Day. India is going to celebrate her 60th year of Independence on 15th August 2007. The site now sports a tricolour logo matching the Indian national flag colour on their login page. See the figure given below.

This is the result of the ongoing efforts by Google to keep Orkut on the top of Social Networking Platform which is facing tough sites like competition from Myspace, Hi5, Facebook etc. It is interesting to note that on Orkut, India counts third in terms of number of users after Brazil and US.

Orkut has also started an opinion poll, targeting Indians globally. Orkut users are being asked various questions like - Who is their favourite global Indian? Which is their favourite movie and Where should India focus on in the next 10 years for economic growth?

Follow the under given links to take part in the opinion poll:

Which Indian inspires you the most?
India is synonymous with...
Who is your favorite Indian fictional character?
Will India be a permanent member of the UN Security Council by 2010?
What should be the most important focus area for India during the next 10 years?
Which is the most popular movie since independence?
Your favorite "Global" Indian is....

CLICK here for more info from the official Orkut Blog >>>