Sunday, September 06, 2009

Drought-hit Farmers Selling their Wives to the Sex Racket

Reports from reliable sources indicate that the poor farmers in the drought-hit villages in Uttar Pradesh (India) have started selling their wives even their young daughters to the Sex Racket to tide over the pathetic poverty prevailing in these villages. There had been many reports about farmers committing suicide as result of crop failure due to severe drought experienced in this region. Now many are resorting to sale of their women to the flesh trade rackets. It has been reported that they are sold from Rs. 50 to 1500 (~USD$ 1 to 31). To legalise this deal they enter into a contract or make documents showing that they are re-married to another person. Some women are resorting to prostitution by their own to earn money to feed their young ones. Drought has affected many northern states in India very badly this year. The rural populations in these states are primarily dependent on agriculture for their sustenance.