Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Message on a Hacked Website: HaCkEd BY Mr.m0r0 MoRoCcAn HaCkEr

Following message was found on a website seemingly hacked by a very good hacker. He has not destroyed anything, but the home page!


HaCkEd BY Mr.m0r0 MoRoCcAn HaCkEr
Mr.m0r0 WaS HeRe

FiRsT WaRnInG ThAt's bUg fRoM YoUr sErVeR

NeXt tImE YoU MuSt bE CaReFuL AnD FiX YoUr sItE

BeFoRe cOmInG AnOtHeR HaCkEr aNd hAcKeD YoU AgAiN

IaM nOt sOrRy bUt dOn't wOrRy No FiLeS aRe DeLeTeD!OnLy YoUr InDeX HaS BeEn ChAnGeD:)

FoR MoRe iNfO CoNtAcT Me:



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