Monday, July 23, 2007

Promising HIV Vaccine Ready For Clinical Trials

A group of Russian researchers announced that a dual action human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) vaccine is ready for clinical trials. The team from Vector State Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology, Kol'tsovo, Novosibirsk reported their research on the CombiHIVvac in the journal Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics in May 2007.

The vaccine is an artificial virus-like particle whose outer casing consists of the TBI protein constructed by the researchers combined with the polyglucin protein. The protein contains more than 80 HIV proteins fragments selected in the optimal way, which should activate the immune system.

The researchers claimed that the combiHIVvac vaccine not only stimulates antibody production but also destroys the cells infected by the virus. Thus, this vaccine can be considered as both prophylactic and therapeutic one. Results of preclinical trial gives a hope that the combiHIVvac vaccine will effectively fight even against modified HIV-1 variants.

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